Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Is the Real Eyesight Improvement ebook useful for all types of vision problems?

No.  The book was written specifically for nearsighted people with myopia, who want to improve their distant vision naturally.  Although some of the principles and exercises described can also benefit astigmatism and hyperopia, they are not the focus of the book. I have first hand experience in improving distant vision only, so that is the reason why I have made improving distant vision the focus of the ebook.

Q2) Will the eye exercises work for me, even if my prescription for glasses is very high?

Yes.  The principles and exercises in the book work no matter what your prescription level is.  Of course if you have a very high prescription it usually takes longer to improve your vision to the level of where you don’t need to wear glasses any more.  But don’t worry if it takes a little longer, your vision will improve gradually, little by little.

Q3) Are the eye exercises difficult to do?

No.  They are simple and easy to do.  However, they must be done regularly.

Q4) Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes.  As mentioned earlier you have a full 60 days to try out and evaluate the program.  If you don’t improve your eyesight (doubtful unless you don’t follow the advice in the book) simply send me an email within 60 days, and you’ll promptly get all your money back, no questions asked and we’ll still be friends.

Q5) Okay! I’m convinced and ready to invest in your awesome ebook. How can I order and download the Real Eyesight Improvement ebook?

Easy. Simply click the Add to Cart button below (at any time, even if it’s and follow the instructions to place your secure order.  Immediately after your payment you will have access to the download page where you can download the ebook.

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