Success story with Palming

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Patients who succeed with palming from the beginning are to be congratulated, for they are always cured very quickly. A very remarkable case of this kind was that of a man nearly seventy years of age with compound hypermetropic astigmatism and presbyopia, complicated by incipient cataract.
For more than forty years he had worn glasses to improve his distant vision, and for twenty years he had worn them for reading and desk work. Because of the cloudiness of the lens, he had now become unable to see well enough to do his work, even with glasses; and the other physicians whom he had consulted had given him no hope of relief except by operation when the cataract was ripe.

When he found palming helped him, he asked: “Can I do that too much?”
“No,” he was told. “Palming is simply a means of resting your eyes, and you cannot rest them too much.”
A few days later he returned and said:
“Doctor, it was tedious, very tedious; but I did it.”
“What was tedious?” I asked.
“Palming,” he replied. “I did it continuously for twenty hours.”
“But you couldn’t have kept it up for twenty hours continuously,” I said incredulously.  “You must have stopped to eat.”

And then he related that from four o’clock in the morning until twelve at night he had eaten nothing, only drinking large quantities of water, and had devoted practically all of the time to palming. It must have been tedious, as he said, but it was also worth while. When he looked at the test card, without glasses, he read the bottom line at twenty feet. He also read fine print at six inches and at twenty.

The cloudiness of the lens had become much less, and in the center had entirely disappeared. Two years later there had been no relapse.

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