Bates Principles of Eyesight Improvement: Solar Treatment

Image depicting the sunning natural eyesight treatment
Sunning is a way to improve your eyesight naturally


Sunlight is as necessary for the eyes as are rest and relaxation.

If possible, begin the day exposing your closed eyes to the sun. A few minutes each day will help.  Get used the sunlight as it falls on the eyelids of your closed eyes. It is good to slightly move your head from side to side as you do this. This way you will avoid tension. When you have become accustomed to intense sunlight with your eyes closed, lift the eyelid of one eye and look downwards so that the sun falls on the sclera (the white part of your eye).  Blink whenever you wish or when you feel you are losing relaxation.

Solar treatment, also known as ‘sunning’, as described above can never become excessive.