Bates Method Principles of Eyesight Improvement: Memory

When vision is normal, the mind is at rest. When memory is perfect, the mind is also at rest. Consequently, it is possible to improve vision through the use of memory.

Anything that is pleasant to remember is a relief for the mind, but to be more practical, a small black object, such as a period or a very small letter, is usually more convenient. The most favorable condition to do this memory exercise is obtained with the eyes closed and covered. With practice, however, you can remember things equally well with your eyes open.

When, with your eyes closed and covered, you are able to remember perfectly a very small letter or a period, it will seem as if these objects have a slight movement to them, just as it would happen if you were to seem them in reality, while the openings within the letter would appear to be whiter than the rest of the background.

If you are unable to remember it, then consciously shift from one side of the letter to the next and imagine that the openings within the letter are whiter than the rest of the background. When you do this, generally the letter appears to move in the opposite direction to the imagined movement of your eye, and you are able to remember it indefinitely.

Daily reading of familiar small sized letters (fine print) at the greatest possible distance is a rest for the eyes, as the eyes are relaxed, to a certain degree, when they look at familiar objects.