When Was The Last Time You Took Off Your Glasses Or Contact Lenses And Used Your Own Eyes To See?

Do eye exercises to improve vision really work?

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, then you know that when you visit your optometrist for your check up every couple of years,  you usually discover that your eyesight has worsened and you need to replace your glasses with a new prescription.

However, consider this key point...

there are  instances in which a visit to the optometrist reveals your myopia (near-sightedness) has actually reduced, seemingly for no reason.

This isn't that infrequent, and its quite possible that this has happened to you too, or people you know.

 What this means is that it is possible that eyesight CAN improve.


If eyesight can improve accidentally on its own, its logical that it can improve a lot more if we purposely do the practices and exercises that are known to improve it.

Ever since the eyesight improvement pioneer Dr William Bates popularized eyesight improvement as a mode of therapy to improve eyesight without glasses, with his books and writings, many people from all over the world have already improved their eyesight.

The inconveniences of wearing glasses...

improve eyesight glasses

You are probably well aware of all the inconveniences and annoyances that come with having to wear glasses.  You easily misplace them and waste your time looking for them.  They can get scratched easily, sometimes you accidentally step on them and they break, and you have to spend money replacing them with thicker ones every year or so (because they don't cure your bad eyesight, they just treat the symptom).

Contact lenses can be even more frustrating...

improve eyesight naturally image of contact lens

They need regular care and cleaning, discomfort and redness sets in your eyes after wearing them for long periods (as you know you can't wait to get home and take them off after a long day),  they also have to be replaced more often meaning you spend hundreds of dollars a year on them, etc).

In short, you already know just how much:

A person who wears glasses or contact lenses is more restricted in living their life than a person whose vision is 20/20.

The good news is that you are in the right place. The Real Eyesight Improvement program has the information that will give you improved distant vision.  I wonder just how thrilled and excited you will be when you no longer have to wear glasses or contact lenses.

Let me explain...

The use of eye exercises to improve eyesight has existed since ancient times, and many ancient cultures had eye exercises to improve vision. In modern times, the ophthalmologist Dr William H Bates was the pioneer who developed modern eye exercises to improve eyesight that have since benefitted thousands of people throughout the world.  The effectiveness of eye exercises to improve eyesight has been confirmed by many, many people.

When you read Real Eyesight Improvement, you will discover  a series of the most effective eye exercises to improve your DISTANT vision….With this information you will be able to reduce myopia (eliminate it completely even!) and throw your glasses and contact lenses away!

The Cause of Myopia and Problems With Distant Vision

The amount of time that we spend doing close-up work like reading, and being in front of a computer has contributed greatly to the epidemic of vision problems.  Many studies have concluded than there is a strong association between the amount of close-up work a person does, and the development of myopia in their eyes.

Our eyes were designed to function normally at ALL distances, utilizing our highly evolved vision across the three dimensions.  However, the demands of modern lifestyle mean that we spend a great deal of our time indoors, with artificial lighting, reading and working in front of a computer for hours and hours daily.

This visual confinement, over time, causes a change in the eyes (myopia) to compensate for these artificial demands we put on our visual system.

This is the reason why myopia and eyesight problems are rare in primitive, less civilized  cultures, where the people live a more natural lifestyle, and they don't use their eyes for long periods doing close-up work.  So called modern man has eyesight that is much worse than early, primitive man. Worse health too.  You can learn a lot from ancient cultures.  My eBook includes some of the eye exercises that these wise cultures developed to improve distant vision.

In our early childhood, it is very rare to have bad eyesight.  Myopia is developed later, usually at the time a child goes to school and forced to read a lot of material that is uninteresting to him/her (because this produces tension in the process of seeing).  Furthermore, the eyesight worsens progressively after a child is forced to use glasses.   But you know this already, because it is likely that in your childhood you didn't have vision problems, don't you remember?

Yes, myopia is developed later, caused by unnatural and incorrect seeing habits, and it is made worse and reinforced by the use of glasses or contact lenses.  There have been many cases in which myopia in its early stages simply disappeared on its own accord when the child refused to wear his/her glasses.  This happens when the level of myopia is very low, which is generally the case when a child is prescribed glasses for the first time.

As with all health problems, if the causes of the problem are removed (in this case visual tension, and incorrect vision habits, eyes too used to only seeing at closes distances) your eyes have the ability to self-heal and restore themselves to normal 20/20 vision.

All that is needed for a strong, significant improvement in your eyesight is that you practice the eye exercises and recommendations in the eBook, four times a week, for a few short months.

STOP for a minute and just imagine...what would it be like if you could have excellent distant vision?

It is a fact that birds of prey, such as eagles, have the best distant vision of any creature on the planet (these birds can spot a mouse in the ground from very high up in the sky). Imagine if YOU too, like an eagle, had excellent distant vision ( excellent vision for a human of course, since its impossible to see as well as an eagle!) . If you could see perfectly well, all the time and under all circumstances, and without depending on your glasses, wouldn't that be something worth achieving?

A Powerful Program to Improve Distant
Vision Whether You...

  • Are young or old (your age doesn't matter).
  • You have just started wearing glasses (in fact this program works very fast if you are in this category) , or you have been wearing glasses for decades.
  • You have a very low or very high prescription for myopia (yes, higher prescriptions take longer to improve but it can be done).
  • This program will work for you, even if in the past you have had little success in improving your eyesight (because this program is different, and includes only the very best, most result-producing eye exercises).

How Different Would Your Life Be
When You Finally Experience
All The Advantages Of Having Good Eyesight

  • You'll improve your physical appearance and look younger (because let's face it everyone looks better and more youthful without their glasses).
  • You'll improve your self-confidence and feel better about yourself and the things you can do in life.
  • You'll have more freedom: to play sports, to go to the beach, to go out looking and feeling your best. To not worry where you left your glasses.
  • By following the natural eyesight improvement principles, you'll keep your eyes healthy and you will reduce your risk of developing eye disorders in the future. Your eyesight is the most important of all your senses, having healthy good eyes is priceless.

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What you will learn when you
buy the Real Eyesight Improvement Ebook

  • How you can relax and loosen the tension in your eyes, that is one of the major causes of poor vision.
  • The truth about palming. Discover if this well known eye relaxation exercise is really necessary for you or not.
  • The 4 most important eye exercises that are the Core Exercises of Real Eyesight Improvement. The fact is you DON’T need to do dozens of exercises to improve your sight. You only need to practice a few of the most important ones correctly.
  • You’ll learn about the mental and emotional aspect of vision. Often overlooked, however this is an important aspect of vision training you will understand when you decide to invest in this program.
  • Kung-Fu secrets: you’ll learn a few eyesight improving exercises practiced by the legendary Shaolin monks
  • You’ll discover a secret exercise used by the ancient Ninjas of Japan to improve their eyesight.
  • You’ll also learn how to use the eyechart (included FREE with the Ebook) to help you eliminate myopia and achieve excellent distant vision.
  • The Golden Recommendations for good distant vision that you absolutely must know and practice in your daily life if you want to have eagle-like distant vision.
  • You’ll discover the importance of peripheral vision, and the most effective exercise to stimulate and improve it.
  • And much, much more!

Look at what some respected professional journals
have said about natural vision training:

"...the literature provides a solid base of research supporting vision therapy as an effective treatment mode for accommodative deficiencies.  Vision therapy procedures have been shown to improve accommodative function* effectively and to eliminate or reduce associated symptoms."(*Accomodative function refers to the unconscious process by which the eye adjusts itself to focus on objects).

American Journal of Optometry & Physiological Optics

"Subjects often stated that they had experienced the ability to make eye contact (without correction) with people across a room or street; they could see buildings and windows clearly without glasses many miles across San Francisco Bay, or in the case of high diopter myopes...they were able to read books easily at arms length." (From a study of 17 myopic patients who completed a vision training program.)

Journal of the American Optometric Association

You will receive the following

The Bates Method Book PDF

BONUS 1) The Bates Method: The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses.

This Ebook is the original work written by Dr William Bates and has all the principles and eyesight  improving techniques as originally described by Dr Bates.  Anybody who is interested in improving their eyesight naturally should read and be familiar with the material written in Dr Bates' only book.

This is a PDF Ebook you can download and read in any computer.

Value: $20.  But it's yours FREE when you order Real Eyesight Improvement.

Improve Eyesight Ebook Bonus 2BONUS 2) How to Achieve Success in Anything You Desire with The Force of Will.

This little-known work is a true pearl of wisdom.  Written over a century ago by a world champion weightlifter, it contains instructions on how to develop self-confidence and self-reliance, the mental influences upon health, how to achieve success in personal and business matters, and the like. This is a PDF Ebook you can download and read in any computer.

Value: $20.   But it's yours FREE when you order Real Eyesight Improvement.

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